Pewter Jewelry Box / Jeweled Chinese God Trinket Box

Pewter Jewelry Box / Jeweled Chinese God Trinket Box

Chinese god trinket box adorned with enamel and Swarovski crystals on gold plated trim.

  • Product No.: WS-JB80196J2


his Chinese God Trinket box is a delicate metal craft. The box body is made of pewter and then plated with golden color.Golden box is covered with colorful enamel glaze and mounted with bling-bling crystals. All painting work is made by hand. 

As a best generous storage,it opens on a hinge to store items like rings or earrings,and has an inset magnetic closure to keep the trinket box shut securely.

High quality comes in an attractive padded satin lined gift box that is perfect for gift giving!

More other styles of trinket boxes are available.For more pics, pls feel free to contact us.

SHAPE: Figure style
COLOR: golden plating and colorful color


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